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PAYNE COUNTY Brand Rust Seasoning


Payne County Rust was originally designed as a grilling spice but has grown into a favorite go-to seasoning for roasted veggies, seafood and eggs! Testimonials also rave about its use on popcorn, corn-on-the-cob, mashed potatoes and even watermelon! Mix Payne County Rust with an equal amount of brown sugar and you have a dry rub that is award-winning. Payne County Rust  has been used in many Kansas City BBQ Society sanctioned competitions to bring home the bacon. 

PAYNE COUNTY Brand Hog's Bane BBQ Sauce


Hog's Bane BBQ Sauce is a sweet, smokey, spicy Oklahoma-style BBQ sauce. Use it as a glaze for your grilled fare, as a dipping sauce for any meat or to drown a smoked brisket sandwich. Developed in Stillwater, OK, this sauce is the strongest Oklahoma-style sauce we've seen.

PAYNE COUNTY Brand Pumpkin Butter


Payne County Pumpkin Butter is a jammy spread filled with tons of traditional mulling spices, apples and pumpkin. It's cinnamony sweet and goes great on biscuits, cornbread, toast, muffins... everything. Customers rave about its use in cake recipes and as a pastry filling--some even use it as a glaze for ham and pork loin roasts!

PAYNE COUNTY Brand Chili Seasoning Mix


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PAYNE COUNTY Brand Sloppy Joe Seasoning Mix


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BEAR PAW Brand Seasoned Snack Pretzels


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PAYNE COUNTY Brand Gold Seasoning


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